The Power of the Feminine Presence

We live in a world where everything seems to be trying to grab our attention, it’s a very busy world out there & it is easy for us to get distracted. The thing we don’t realize is that we have the power within us to change the way we carry ourselves & live a life that is happy & carefree. The power that lies in our very essence, the power of our feminine presence. How do you achieve that you may ask yourself? Here are some things that can help you tap into your power.

  1. Don’t attach an outcome to anything. By not attaching an outcome to any situations, you surrender & become who you are meant to be. You don’t worry about what is going to happen or worry about the ” what if” but the WHAT IS, which is the present moment right here, right now.
  2. You lean back into your feminine essence. You don’t take charge or try to control any situations. You create space for better things to come to you instead of chasing them.
  3. You are completely present in the moment, savor every breath you take. Take your time doing what it is that makes you happy. If doing your hair & makeup makes you feel more beautiful & happy, do it!
  4. Stay emotionally in-tuned with your feelings. When having a conversation with the man in your life, make sure to be vulnerable & express yourself with feelings in order to form a deeper bond with him & bring you guys closer together.
  5. Love every inch of your body. You are god’s gift to this world. You are special & one of a kind woman. Adore every little thing you have to offer to this world 😊🌸

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